What Will You Choose? Basic Options For Security Cameras

In a world where packages are being stolen off of porches and security breaches are happening in the highest of places, one can never be too careful with their personal safety. If you have a family to care for, you are probably concerned with how to protect your loved ones. To help with these feelings of anxiety and stress, many people are installing professional security systems in their homes. Once you have made this choice, there are still a lot of things to ponder and choose before you can be sure of your safety.

One of these important decisions is what type of security cameras you are going to have installed. There are many options on the market today. You can choose a camera that fits your needs by considering the following three factors.


Security cameras can be very obvious or quite discreet. Some homeowners choose to get large bullet-shaped cameras in order to tell potential thieves that they are prepared to meet them. Many people feel that these large, conspicuous cameras can cut down on crime in a neighborhood. However, some homeowners simply do not like how large cameras look, so they choose to go with small discreet cameras. These smaller cameras are often called dome cameras. Take the time to ponder which shape of camera you would prefer for your home. 


Security cameras can be placed within or outside your home. There are perks to both locations, but ultimately, it comes down to the personal choice of the homeowner. The main difference between internal external cameras is the amount of time they will last. Since external cameras are out of doors, they are likely to be damaged by the elements long before an internal camera breaks. 

Wiring Method

The method of wiring cameras is also a major area that security systems vary from one another. Some cameras have hardwiring while others are wireless. Choosing how they are wired also determines how your security footage will be stored and viewed. Wireless cameras run on an IP address and stream data over the internet while wired systems store the data to a specified location like a DVR. Both methods have their perks, but one thing to think about is how the security system will function in the case of a power failure. Wireless cameras may not function, while many wired systems have backup power sources. 

No matter what decisions you make in regards to your security cameras, you can take great comfort in knowing that you are actively protecting your family.

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