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Years ago, when someone purchased a home security system, they would be extremely happy to get one that also had cameras and 24-hour monitoring. However, things have changed a lot since the first days of the security systems. The security systems of the past pale in comparison to the amazing ones you have to choose from today. There are many options to choose from and a lot of customizing options, so homeowners get a security system that is perfect for their household. Here are three of the amazing options and features that today's security systems can come with.

1. Automation for ease of use: One of the most noticeable features of the security systems of today is the automation features. The WiFi and VoiP capabilities of the systems allows for homeowners to control all aspects of their security system using voice commands and allows for them to control their system using their mobile devices. Having the ability to take control of their home in this convenient way brings home protection to a whole other level previous systems didn't come close to offering.

2. Easy and convenient monitoring features: Not only can homeowners control the system, but they can also see what is happening at their home by accessing the footage directly. A couple of examples of the other things a homeowner can do from their smart devices include controlling their doors and controlling the status of the entire system. One great feature is having the ability to see who is at the door with the use of a special doorbell camera that is integrated into the system. There is also a microphone and speaker that can also be controlled from smart devices, this means the homeowner can talk to the visitor from their device while pretending to be in the home.

3. Added safety and security measures: Along with protecting your family and home from intruders, the security systems of today also protect these things in many other ways. The systems can alert you and the proper authorities to a break-in, as well as things like a carbon monoxide leak, a fire, and even a flood. This type of protection means homeowners will be able to rest assured that their home is being protected on all fronts. Current systems also offer panic buttons, so someone in the house can reach help right away if they hear something inside or outside, and get help right away if they get injured.

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