3 Good Reasons To Go Electronic With Your Building's Access Control System

The ability to monitor and control who gains entry to your building is paramount when it comes to securing the space. You may even have areas within your building that not all employees should be able to access, so securing these areas is a priority as well.

Modern business owners should no longer rely on physical keys to control access to their buildings. Instead, electronic access control systems should be installed to provide maximum security.

1. Easy to Customize

One of the greatest benefits you will enjoy when making the switch to an electronic access control system is the ability to customize all of the entry points within your building. You can establish entrance parameters that help prevent employees from entering the building outside of business hours.

You can also regulate each of the doors inside your building to help ensure that employees respect security clearances. This kind of customization cannot be achieved with physical keys and locks.

2. Prevent Unauthorized Access

Intruders or thieves looking to steal assets and information from your building will have a hard time getting past an electronic access control system. Physical keys can easily be stolen or lost. This allows would-be criminals to make a copy of the key to your building, giving them the ability to enter at any time.

Electronic access readers utilize technology to read employee badges. If a badge is lost or stolen, you can simply deactivate that badge and issue the employee a new one. You will not have to spend money to have your doors rekeyed and to have new keys made for all employees in your workforce.

3. Double up on Security

If you house sensitive data or information within your building, you may want to take extra security measures to prevent the areas where this information is stored from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

An electronic control system gives you the ability to require multiple authentication factors before entrance to sensitive areas is granted. These authentication factors can be a key card or fob partnered with a fingerprint scan, a PIN, or a retina scan.

Multi-authentication electronic access control systems are almost impossible to fool, since some of the authentication factors cannot be replicated.

If you want to maximize control over who is entering and exiting your building on a daily basis, consider updating to an electronic access control system. An electronic system will allow you to customize your security protocol to meet your company's unique needs.

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