Stay Safe In Your Home

You can always decrease your chances of being burglarized by being alert and paying attention to your surroundings. This includes those times when you are away from your home, as well as when you are home. When you are away from home, you want to look alert, know who is around you, continuously scan the area, don't go into dark areas alone, look in the backseat before entering your car, keep your car doors locked, and don't roll down your window if someone approaches your car to ask you a question. When you are home, you want to pay attention to what is happening not only around your house, but also on your street. Here are some signs your home may be a target for a burglary, and some things you want to realize about career criminals.

Unfamiliar cars with odd habits

Pay attention to your neighbors. Learn their schedules and the vehicles they drive. Being observant like this can help you to spot warning signs. If there is suddenly a new car near your house that doesn't appear to be one of your neighbors' cars, then keep an eye on the car. If there is usually someone in there acting like they are reading or doing something else and they just don't fit, then you may want to call the non-emergency line for your local authorities and have them come out to confront the person and see what they are up to. Even if they get past the police, they will know they are now being watched and will hopefully move on because things just got riskier for them.

People who just don't belong

If you see someone walking around the neighborhood looking like they are snooping around and trying to see in people's backyards, or even taking pictures of houses, then they may be casing the neighborhood. This is a good indication that you or some of your neighbors may become targets for a burglary. This is another thing that you should call in and report. Let law enforcement determine why they are there and deal with them.

Weird visitors to your home

If you are having some weird people come up to your door with strange stories, then you want to be extremely cautious. It's a good idea to have a security screen with a deadbolt or even a video two-way communication doorbell. This way, you don't have to open your door to people and leave yourself open to an attack. One of the weird things people may do is ask if you have seen their lost dog, but they won't describe it to you. If you ask, they will be generic with their answer. You may also have someone selling magazines, but all they have is a clipboard with lined paper to write your info down, and no magazine information or identification.

Be protected

The best thing you can do to feel better when you notice things happening around you is to have a security system installed. Go with all the bell sand whistles if you can. All those great features can create the safest home possible for you and your family. Go to website resources to learn more.

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