3 Signs Your Home Security System Is Due For An Upgrade

Home security systems became popular about two decades ago. If you have had your current home security system for a long time, you may want to think about upgrading your system. A newer system will provide you with additional layers of security and functionality. Here are a few signs that it is time to upgrade your security system.

Your System is Hardwired

Most older security systems were hardwired, which required wiring to be installed throughout your home in order to install the security system. The biggest downside to a hardwired system is that it is easy to breach.

All an intruder needs to do to break a hardwired security system is to cut the wire to the system. Additionally, the wiring for your system may become compromised over time, especially if there were excessive bends in the wiring when it was installed.

If you have a hardwired system, it may be time to upgrade to a wireless system. A wireless system is able to communicate with itself via Bluetooth, and with you via a WiFi connection.

Your Camera is Low Resolution

If you have security cameras that produce really blurry and hard to see images, it may be time to upgrade your cameras. A blurry image doesn't provide you with that much value if you can't identify who is in the frame or what is happening.

If you have a low-resolution camera, you need to upgrade to a higher-resolution camera that will produce an image you can actually see. When you upgrade to a higher-resolution camera, you can take advantage of other new camera features as well, such as motion detection and night vision.

Your System Requires Manual Updates

With a security system, you want all the parts to function correctly. Having to stay on top of any software updates, and install them yourself, is an easy task to overlook. When it comes to your security, you don't want to leave anything up to chance. You want the software on your security system to be updated automatically; delaying updates leaves you vulnerable to hackers. You need to upgrade to a system that allows for automatic software updates that will ensure your system is always up to date.

It may be time to upgrade your security system is you have a hardwired system, if your system requires manual software updates, and if you have a low-resolution camera. Upgraded to a newer system can help increase the protection of your home.

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