How To Protect Your Motorcycle

A motorcycle is a great investment. It can help you save time and money by getting you through traffic faster. Many people enjoy taking their motorcycles for joyrides because a motorcycle can feel like a more visceral way to travel, with nothing between you and the open road. However, motorcycles are prone to theft, just like other types of automobiles. In 2013, more than 45,000 motorcycles were taken by thieves, according to Esurance, but that doesn't need to deter you from buying a motorcycle. Here are four tips to help you keep your motorcycle safe:

1. Keep it in a garage, if possible.

Motorcycles have fewer barriers to deter thieves. You can protect your motorcycle by making it harder to access. Keep your motorcycle in a covered garage, if possible. Most thieves are opportunists who won't go out of their way to find motorcycles to steal. If you must keep your motorcycle out on the street, consider placing a cover over it at night. Not only will this hide it from prying eyes, it can also protect your motorcycle from the elements.

2. Always lock your ignition.

When you're in a hurry, you may not see the need to lock your motorcycle ignition. However, this crucial step can deter thieves. Always take the time to lock your motorcycle. It only takes a few seconds, and it will make your bike much harder to steal.

3. Install a wireless motorcycle anti-theft device.

You can make your motorcycle even harder to take by equipping it with an anti-theft device. These devices come in many forms, but the most effective ones feature an alarm system. As soon as you turn on the alarm, it will sound when vibrations are detected. The loud noise will draw onlookers and possibly scare off potential thieves. Invest in a wireless anti-theft device that you can turn on and off even when you're far away from your bike.

4. Place GPS on your motorcycle.

You can give yourself extra peace of mind by equipping your motorcycle with a GPS device. In the event that your motorcycle is stole, the GPS will allow you to track it down. This can be valuable for law enforcement, as it can assist them in finding the culprit. If you decide to install one of these devices, try to place it in a hidden location. Thieves will remove GPS devices if they spot them, so consider placing it under the seat or in a similar hard-to-reach location.

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A motorcycle is a great investment. It can help you save time and money by getting you through traffic faster. Many people enjoy taking their motorcyc