4 Must-Have Features Of Residential Surveillance Cameras

Are you shopping for new security cameras to monitor in and around your home? You are spoiled for choice in the variety of camera brands in the market today. Residential surveillance has become easier than before because of internet-connected security cameras that allow you to tap in and monitor your home from wherever you are. What are the most desirable features to look for in today's residential security cameras?

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is one of the biggest security advantages you get with an internet-connected security camera. It enables you to log in from a computer or smartphone and see what's happening at home in real-time. In addition, today's smartphone camera apps allow you to pan, tilt, and zoom a camera remotely to get better views.

Residential surveillance systems with remote monitoring are proactive because you can act quickly when there is a threat. You can set up digital tripwires to alert you whenever there is a threat. From there, you can assess the threat and call in law enforcement quickly.

Night Vision

A security camera that can't see in the dark is of limited use. You need your cameras to work in the dark when threats are more likely to materialize. Low light security cameras amplify little light to show brighter images. 

Residential surveillance cameras with infrared capability emit infrared rays invisible to the eye to light up their fields of view. More sophisticated thermal imaging cameras form images from picking up heat signals from animal bodies. Night vision gives you a big advantage because a criminal cannot see the camera and destroy it, but you can see them and react.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ)

Pan, tilt, and zoom functions are very useful in extending a camera's field of view. You can point the camera at a specific angle and enlarge the image for clarity. PTZ cameras are especially useful for outdoor residential surveillance since threats can come from several directions. 

PTZ cameras have a cost advantage because one camera can cover the same area as two or more static view cameras. Some PTZ cameras have 360-degree views. 

2-Way Audio 

Communicating with people at the other end of the camera can be very helpful. For example, you can talk to a stranger at the door to find out their intentions. It also gives your residential surveillance more deterrence because you can warn a threat that they are visible. Many petty criminals will back off from such a warning. 

Are you looking to beef up your home's security? Talk to a security systems installer about options for residential surveillance systems. A company like All Pro Security can provide more information. 

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