Why Businesses Need Access Control

As a business owner, property security and access control should be priorities. After all, access control systems provide you with many benefits that you might not appreciate. Before you move into your new building, consider implementing an access control system. Here's a look at some of the many reasons why you should consider access control a priority.

Protects Your Business Against Unauthorized Entry

When you look at commercial security breaches and similar threats, many situations arise because the assailant was able to gain entry through an unmonitored open door. Implementing a solid access control policy for your building will prevent this from happening. You won't have to worry about anyone entering your building without express authorization since card readers or other identification will be necessary for entry.

Eliminates Lost Or Stolen Key Concerns

For business owners with multiple keyholders, a lost or stolen key can be a serious security threat to your building. If you've found yourself changing locks because of terminated employees or lost or stolen keys, consider an access control system that eliminates the need for those locks and keys. Automated locking systems with biometric or proximity controls allow you to simply disable access for an individual user on an as-needed basis.

Automates Access Control

When you implement a whole-building access control system, you can automate employee access to the building. Most systems will allow you to set up user levels where certain employees are only allowed to access specific parts of the building or only permitted to enter the building during certain hours. This gives you greater control over the traffic in your building and makes it easier to confirm the presence of specific employees.

Provides Clear Reporting

If there is ever a security concern, most access control systems provide reporting options so that you can pull historical access records. You'll be able to see who gained access to the building during predetermined periods, making it easier to track concerns or confirm information.

These are just a few of the many reasons why business owners should consider investing in an access control system as soon as possible. With the right platform, you won't have to worry about lockouts, lock changes, unauthorized access, or poor visibility of building activity. Talk with an access control contractor near you today to see what the options are for your building. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your building is protected.

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